CWSFA Opportunity Gifts

About the Gifts

2019 Gift  Recepient Testamonial:


"We just wanted to thank CWSFA  so much for the opportunity gift and for the lovely banquet. We had a very nice time. The food was great and the company, too!! We sat with some women in the pond hockey group, and some of Victoria's friends came to support her.  

We really appreciate all you do to support Colorado women in sports and to provide young women the opportunity to develop their athletic skills.  This gift really made a huge difference for us and making club volleyball possible this year."


Over the past 11 years, the Colorado Women’s Sports Fund Association has awarded more than $200,000 in gifts to girls and women participating in sports. We strive to grow our gift program opportunities every year. We are proud to support those dedicated to the pursuit of sport and the positive influence it can have in their lives..

These gifts are designed to encourage athletic participation in all sports and to help women and girls achieve “the next level” in their sport. Applicants do not need to be enrolled in any academic school or institution. The gifts are open to females of any age and for any sport.

Help us, help female athletes - Donate to the Opportunity Gift Fund.  Every little bit helps! 

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Application Process


 CWSFA is excited to have the opportunity to award yearly opportunity gifts to girls and women pursuing their sports dreams!   

Application Process:  


CWSFA is now accepting applications for the 2020 Opportunity Gift Program!

Application Process:

1. Applicants should review the application on the website before beginning the process of application. Completing the application will take some preparation. We suggest you create your answers in a word processing program and copy and paste into the appropriate areas of the application. All communication with gift applicants and recipients will be through electronic means so be sure to utilize a correct email address for correspondence and check your email folders in December for notification on gift status.

Opportunity Gift Application link:

2. All applications must include a letter of recommendation. This letter is filed on-line by a coach, teacher, mentor or someone who can address your athletic experience. Recommendations may not come from family members. Applicants should forward the following link to the individual who will be completing the recommendation. Recommendations should be able to speak to your athletic experience and goals, and other experiences which support this effort. The link for the recommendations is listed below but also included in the Opportunity Gift Application information. It is your responsibility to follow up with your recommendation to insure it has been submitted.

Recommendation link:

3. Of the total number of Gift awards available, CWSFA awards a small number of the gifts based on financial need. Individuals who meet the Free/Reduced Price Lunch or Food Stamps requirements may apply for these specific gifts. Documentation of this qualification must be submitted electronically to by the application deadline to be considered for these gifts. Demonstration of financial need is not required for all applications!


1. Applications are available on the CWSFA website from September 1– November 1, 2019.